Home is where your heart belongs


About us

Home is just a lodging if it’s sole purpose is to be a place to stay. It is alive and is a fusion of controversies. There exist fragility, strength, and harmony. Where prosaic becomes extraordinary.
We use basic materials and those You never even thought of. We start from scratch, inspired by the forgotten and with the craftsmen’s hands, the idea is transformed.

This is the algorithm for the thought process in Arine Tagvor Designs: The foundation is the unbreakable golden rules of the humanity; the body is the inspiration taken from the daily life …beauty, music, tastes, colors… unforgettable, forgotten senses… ugliness and pains, voids …laughter, tears of joy… and all and none of what you can collect with your heart and soul; and finally the Product is born in a lovely, caring, attentive, detailed and responsible manner. Design is a holistic, boundary-less enterprise ranging from master-plan and architecture to interior design, furniture, lighting, product design, costumes, and jewelry.


Architectural design
Interior design
Furniture design
Costume design
Accessory design

Arine Tagvor is always happy to walk through this magical journey, time and time again, with You!